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Hosted by Sherley aka @SherasaurusThank You to my support team and sponsors Flex Gym LaSalle & Total Body Tec.
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Season One

Pilot Episode – Episode 1


The Pilot Episode >
[Length – 1:00:00] [Size – 55.00 MB]

My Realization – Episode 2

My Realization >
[Length – 1:00:00] [Size – 55.00 MB]

I Think I’m Good – Episode 3

I Think I’m Good >
[Length – 1:00:00] [Size – 55.00 MB]

James from Total Body Tec – Episode 4

James from Total Body Tec >
You could benefit from many more advantages and achieve your own special goals by coming to consult Total Body Tec. In this day and age, the importance of taking care of one’s health is a crucial issue, and one of the best ways to do it is to get involved in a fitness program.  Lello Polcari would gladly and efficiently help you with issues such as weight loss, muscle mass, injury rehabilitation and body shaping. For more information about Lello & James and their personal training services.  Go to Total Body Tec. let them know Sherley sent yah!

[Length – 1:00:00] [Size – 55.00 MB]

Jessica Gilmartin from – Episode 5

Jessica Gilmartin from >
“I am still a work in progress and plan on keeping this blog as a public journal to tell my journey to be fit in hopes of inspiring others to do the same”… Visit to read more about Jessica’s health journey. Also check out her Vlog journey2bfit Happy Fitnesss!


[Length – 1:00:00] [Size – 55.00 MB]

I Am Struggling Again – Episode 6

I Am Striggling Again >
[Length – 1:00:00] [Size – 55.00 MB]

Mellisa Kubek from – Episode 7

Mellisa Kubek from >
Mellisa’s goal at litebod is to change the world by helping people to become lighter, leaner & healthier. To create a global ripple effect whereby people become their own doctors and Food, fitness & gratitude has become the medicine. You’ll learn how to kick the cravings that often stop you from reaching your goals & how to embrace a clean eating lifestyle.

Mellisa Kubek

[Length – 1:00:00] [Size – 55.00 MB]

Eat the Part! – Episode 8

Eat The Part! >
[Length – 1:00:00] [Size – 55.00 MB]

Blur it Out instead of Eating it In – Episode 9

Blur It Out Instead of Eating it In >
[Length – 1:00:00] [Size – 55.00 MB]

Put in The Work on My Own – Episode 10

Put In The Work on My Own >
[Length – 1:00:00] [Size – 55.00 MB]

Make a Decision on What you want to Be – Episode 11

Make A Decision on What You Want To Be >
[Length – 1:00:00] [Size – 55.00 MB]

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